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The Online Combustion Handbook

Welcome to the
IFRF Online Combustion Handbook.

ISSN 1607-9116

The IFRF Online Combustion Handbook is a searchable knowledge resource. It gathers and presents practical combustion and environmental knowledge and information, and makes it available to the combustion community, to students, scientists and engineers.

This information is contained in searchable databases, initially in a Glossary, and in more detail as "Combustion Files", which are short, concise and reasonably self-contained information files, designed to answer the three generic questions: "What is �����?", "How do I ���?" and "What data is available for����..?"

Some information is in the open domain and can be accessed by the complete international combustion community. However, much of the combustion engineering information and the most up-to-date combustion files, are available only to Individual Members of the IFRF.

We invite you to explore the resource and to give us your reactions.